In the last several years, Cookeville has really been getting into the “Running Scene.” With so many 5K and other races, our area has stepped it up with getting involved. We are excited to have all types of running gear to help people with this.

We have all types of running, jogging shoes that works great for all seasons. We also have headlamps for evening runs as well as water hydration systems, waterproof breathable jackets, wet/dry socks. We do our best to get the lastest breaking products to help our local runners.

Who knows, CMOS might help you get better time for each mile with what we have. It is not just enough to have great running products, but to also know about running in general. Some people are after comfort while others will have another goal of suffering comfort for performance. Don’t just read about this, check out our walking, jogging and running shoes and gear. We would love to see you.

• Lightweight running shoes • Headlamps for evening or night runs • Running slim packs • Water hydration systems • Wicking shirts • Waterproof breathable jackets • Lightweight rain gear • Mountain Hardware jackets

Special watches for altitude, gps, and heart rate

• Socks for all seasons and weather • Wool socks • Merino socks (from New Zealand) • Smart wool • Swiftwick • Hats • Visors • Gloves